Why the membership requirement?

Why the membership requirement?

A lot of emails are received through the website inquiring about the following:

  • Why does your website tell me that I need to be a member to view some parts of it?
  • I am already registered. Why am I listed as “non-member”?
  • How do I become a member?
  • What is the point of this membership requirement? Are you trying to just force people to pay you?

I will answer these questions here and will stop doing so by email in the future:

  • Just as the website says, you have to be a member to view important chats, blog posts, research and other content. The reasons and how to become a member are outlined below
  • Even though you are registered on the website, this is not membership in and of itself. Membership is for those people who have donated to my charity and have invested in the information I’m sharing
  • You can become a member by contributing for any Webinar using the Webinar Sign-Up links shown on the footer of the home page and on the sidebar of every page on the website
  • The point of membership is:
    • to reduce the demand by followers in the form of email questions about material I have previously provided freely
    • many would ask questions that are fully covered in all of the Webinars and that leaves me with the choice to either not respond or to have to tell them to go and watch a specific Webinar
    • my time is becoming more and more valuable to me as my commitments are growing elsewhere. This website was built to deal with this issue as an alternative to just disappearing altogether. This website, the Webinars, hosting, production and other resources have a monetary value that I have donated to the public and continue to do so. When you pay for a Webinar, you are only covering a fraction of the real cost associated with all of this and a tiny amount relative to the value of the information provided
    • an incentive for folks to learn to fish on their own by listening to the Series and to become their own researcher, discoverer and analyst to finally become their own trader. It is human nature that anything provided for free has no value and will therefore not get its due attention. The cost of these Webinars will only go up over time and that is just the nature of their value

As always, the alternative is to take advantage of what is already provided for free. I am indifferent to whether or not traders or aspiring traders want to become members. I’m in the business of trading first. Without being a trader, I just become another educator who doesn’t trade and that is already too long a list.

There is a reason for it being this way:

  1. My presence on Twitter was always intended as a public service to give back to the community what I had been awarded over time as an experienced professional trader
  2. The existence of this website is my attempt to put as many thieves, liars and others for whom I have R-rated words who pray on the need of the uninformed and who take advantage of folks who want to see financial freedom through the pursuit of trading
  3. To benefit my charity by sharing my approach with those willing to listen and learn in exchange for donations to support community service initiatives in my community here in Chicago. My approach was not available anywhere else before I began sharing it in October 2009 and is now being sold by others who took it for free. Many of these are people who have paid for my information through the Webinar Series.

I hope this puts these questions to rest. We need to keep our focus on what is taking place in the market and how we position ourselves to take advantage of it.

Cheers and disciplined trading to all!

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