Webinar: Part 3 – Trading Habits – What Your Trading is Made Of

Webinar: Part 3 – Trading Habits – What Your Trading is Made Of

If we seek self-validation from markets based on our ability to outsmart the crowd, we will be psychologically vulnerable during inevitable periods of drawdown. - Brett Steenbarger

Trading Habits


Trading Habits is Part 3 of the Series on Trader Education hosted by our Futures.io and Edge Clear Corp . The first of the series focused on Trading Techniques and can be found here. Part 2 was on Trading Mindset and can be found here.

This Webinar focuses on the necessary requirement to form habits that support your trading goals. These habits have the ultimate goal of making trading mostly an automatic process. Once it is automatic, little logical thinking occurs during market hours. Peak performance is the result. This can be achieved through a clear cycle of performing, recording weaknesses and strengths and then deliberately focusing on improving at least the weaknesses. We address how this is done and how best to disrupt habits that don’t support your trading. The next part of the Series will be a discussion of Trading Habits and Trading Execution.

These topics were identified through a survey conducted in March 2016 where traders rated the importance of various trading topics. We chose the top 4 and are covering them from most requested to least requested.The next part of the Series will cover Trading Execution.

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