Webinar 5 | Execution: A Detailed Process

UPDATE: The Webinars are no longer available. More recent and relevant content to traders is being created continuously at Convergent Trading for its members.

Webinar 5 - Execution
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  • Topic No. 5: Execution – where it all comes together (to better understand what is being discussed here, please watch the Webinar Series and refer to the Glossary)
  • Audience: All traders experiencing execution issues
  • Duration: Approximately 1 hour
  • Contribution: No Longer Available. New material is being introduced at Convergent Trading.
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During this topic, we will go over the following important aspects:


  • We have a member of the audience set up a random trading day by doing the following:
    • The member (Yoda/Richard) picked a day
    • The member presented the facts that led up to how the day is shaping up including all expected news releases, etc. This was a mini-Trader Bite essentially
  • We then walk through a playback with detailed commentary as to how we form our bias, watch for market generated action to indicate the controlling participants, stalk the trade, take the trade and then manage the trade using active data
  • This discussion is significantly important in that the member is free to stop the action and ask detailed questions and to get detailed answers
  • This Webinar is a complete soup-to-nuts look at trade structuring and setup and goes through to closing the trade
  • Tools used for this Webinar:
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