Webinar 4 | Homework & Analysis

UPDATE: The Webinars are no longer available. More recent and relevant content to traders is being created continuously at Convergent Trading for its members.

  • Topic No. 4-1: Daily Homework and Analysis (to better understand technical references, see Topic No.1 & Topic No. 2see Topic No. 3 to learn to properly execute your plan with less fear)
  • Audience: All traders with a plan
  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours including Q&A
  • Contribution: No Longer Available. New material is being introduced at Convergent Trading.
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During this topic, we will go over the following important aspects:


  • Completing a daily assessment of what has occurred: Classifying the day and noting important aspects and metrics
  • Formulating preliminary hypotheses based on current action and other inputs
  • Preparing “your big trading idea” for the next day
  • How to use your homework and how not to
  • Completing your homework pre-open
  • Executing in your planned areas and staying out of trouble
  • Introduction to Topic No. 4-2: Research and Analysis of Probabilities
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