Webinar 3 | Beyond the Technicals

UPDATE: The Webinars are no longer available. More recent and relevant content to traders is being created continuously at Convergent Trading for its members.

  • Topic No. 3 : Beyond The Technicals; Inside a Winning Trader’s Mind (to better understand technical references, see Topic No.1 & Topic No. 2)
  • Audience : All traders. Believe us…we all need this!
  • Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes (bring a huge mug of coffee and a notebook)
  • Contribution: No Longer Available. New material is being introduced at Convergent Trading.
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This webinar is lengthy for a good reason. Most traders think that their inconsistency is the result of not using an indicator properly or because they are not spending enough money on better tools or a faster computer. Maybe it is an issue with the number of screens they are using or is it a function of their distance from the futures epicenter, Chicago?

Why should you bother to attend this? If any one or more of these sound familiar to your trading, then you will benefit from showing up:


  • You do your homework, you are focused when the trade shows up, you wait too long for “confirmation” and end up chasing for a much worse price
  • You do all of the above and take the trade at the perfect spot but then you close it for a profit within a couple of ticks and watch as it runs to your planned target
  • You do all of the above and take the trade but it was a loser. You are now completely paralyzed and are too afraid to trade again
  • You take a loss and you immediately start blasting away to make up for it. You have traded 5 times as much as you normally do and have just given away 75% of your account by overtrading
  • You watch someone else trade and it all makes sense but then feel completely lost when it is time for you to put on your trade while the person you are watching gets all of his/her targets as planned
  • You have been at this for years and still can’t realize your dream of being consistent

During this webinar, we will go over what is probably the most critical part of your education. We will discuss in detail the following important topics:

  • How the existing wiring in our brains acts counter to what is needed to succeed at trading
  • Results of the poll on taking losses, done with followers, as a sample of what is typical and what isn’t working
  • Discussion of our natural tendency and instinct towards losses as governed by our Inner Monkey
  • Overview of the results of the poll on the Fear of Losses or of Missed Opportunities to show how this identifies the type of trader you are or the state of mind with which you trade
  • The role of probabilities in trading
  • What a trader needs to come to terms with to break the barrier
  • Is there a place for intuition in trading?
  • Next steps to break this mold
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