Webinar 2 | Intermediate Market Profiling

UPDATE: The Webinars are no longer available. More recent and relevant content to traders is being created continuously at Convergent Trading for its members.

  • Topic : Intermediate Market Profiling (for a foundation to this topic, see Topic No.1)
  • Audience : Advanced Beginner to Intermediate Traders
  • Duration : 2 hours and 12 minutes including Q&A time
  • Contribution: No Longer Available. New material is being introduced at Convergent Trading.
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Profiling, The Bigger Picture


  • Day Types and their implications (Does the fact that we closed at the low today mean anything for tomorrow?)
  • Profile Shapes and what they are telling us
  • Relationships of profiles across several days: Looking inside the bar chart
  • High/Low Volume Nodes: Expected behaviors, how they are created and why
  • A look inside a developing profile: Reading a profile as it develops
  • Composite: Why are they important? How can they assist the decision process?
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