Video: Jun 7, 2017 Extended AMA with FT71

Video: Jun 7, 2017 Extended AMA with FT71


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Fractal rotations, a degree of confidence, and giving to get.

This public AMA went over the following:

  • FT71 opens by explaining that he is constantly evaluating context, and does not trade using time-based indicators.
  • Using Steidlmayer’s techniques, he measures the overnight inventory in relation to the prior day’s RTH action.
  • Crediting a member of the S5 community, FT walks through fractal ranges and common rotation sizes using Crude Oil as an example.
  • When asked about how he would teach someone close to him how to trade, Morad explains the key elements on which to concentrate including mindset and attitude.
  • Furthermore on the topic of psychology, FT addresses the “degree of confidence” in a trading system/plan.
  • Next, he describes being ‘wrong’ as a trader and how to mentally overcome those types of situations and market cycles.
  • To reward himself, Morad finds solace in donating each month to his favorite charity.
  • Finally, we get a look into the mind of a trader as Morad walks through the current day’s auction and why he did not place a trade.
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