Video: 04-19-2017 Public AMA with

Please join us for another Ask Me Anything webinar w/ FuturesTrader71 hosted by!

Video: 04-19-2017 Public AMA with

This video is an extended recording of the AMA “Ask Me Anything” Webinar with FuturesTrader71 from 04-19-2017.

Topics include:

  • Identifying the opening swing
  • What constitutes a weak high or low
  • Hypothesis development/key levels
  • CL/ES correlations
  • Dealing with conflicting probabilities
  • Trading after hypos complete
  • Habits, meditation, self-awareness
  • Investor R/T and Bookmap
  • Consolidation areas/Zippers

Investor R/T

Developed by Linnsoft, Investor R/T is the charting software I use along with DTN iQFeed in order to get the highest quality and most precise tick data. My IRT charts featured in this video include a fifteen minute RTH session chart, a 2-tick Renko trigger chart, and a fifteen minute candle chart with split sessions for both Globex and RTH. Unclear on any of the terminology from the video? Please visit the glossary at


My orders are executed directly on this vast order flow software developed by VeloxPro. For more information on how I use this incredible software, please check out webinar five here:

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