Trader Spotlight – An Interview with a Futures Prop Trader

Trader Spotlight – An Interview with a Futures Prop Trader

Trader Spotlight Invitation – Chris the Prop Trader

Date: Thursday, May 10th
Time: 3:30 PM Chicago Time
Duration: 45 mins

This is a trader spotlight with a prop trader who trades agricultural futures and who has recently made the turn to greater consistency. The focus of this talk is on his process and what he learned to be more successful and consistent. Chris is a close friend of Anthony Giacomin, my partner at our brokerage.

Chris trades professionally for a futures trading firm here in Chicago.  He has traded with this firm since April 2011.  Prior to trading Futures Chris had spent 7 years professionally trading equities through an Equity trading firm here in Chicago as well.  Through Chris’s experiences trading equities and futures he has had to adapt, learn, and re-learn many different approaches to stay in the game.  Chris is currently enrolled in the University of Chicago Booth School of Business for his MBA where he is focusing on Analytic Finance, Econometric, Statistics.

The objective of this interview is to look into the process that this particular trader went through to make the turn and to give the audience a different perspective on how someone else has done it.

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