Simple Chart Setup with IRT

Simple Chart Setup with IRT

Special Topic : Simple Chart Setup with IRT (to better understand technical references, see Topic No.1 & Topic No. 2 )

Audience : All traders

Date/Time : Thursday, October 14th @ 3:30 PM CT/4:30 PM ET U.S. Time

Duration : 1 1/2 hours

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Chad Payne is the creator and mastermind behind IRT and the code that runs MarketDelta as well. Chad has been a friend for many years and has been a huge force behind customizing IRT/MD to provide us with the features we enjoy in our studies and implementation of Volume Profiling. Chad will be presenting at this webinar and will address specific questions and scenarios which you, the followers, have asked or provided for his consideration.
The purpose of this webinar is 2-fold:
  1. To address many questions received regarding chart setup, technical issues relating to using IRT and MarketDelta as I do and to help folks get up to speed with charts
  2. To help followers set up their charts and gain some preliminary knowledge into how IRT can be used to do some homework and to perform some basic analysis before Webinar 4 (Homework and Research) has taken place
The following is an outline of what will be discussed.
  1. ES Chart Setup and Implementation
  2. Euro Chart Setup and Implementation
  3. Data Sources, Integration and Rollover
  4. Tools and Features – Profile tools, generating a VPOC chart, using multiple symbols on a single chart, replaying entire sessions of one or more symbols, etc
  5. Configuration and System Management – Recommended configuration, managing data, backing up and transporting your setup, data compression, IRT on a MAC
  6. Exporting Data and Preparing for Research – Limiting the lookback period for studies, use of shift-key and other shortcuts when exporting data, etc

For those of you who are not familiar with IRT, please review the following beforehand:

For Investor/RT (IRT by

  • For an overview of the software, please point your browser to: An Overview
  • For pricing information and features, please point your browser to: Linnsoft (Note: you need Standard Investor/RT with Market Profile as a minimum to do what I’m doing with it)
  • For a page that contains my chart definitions and other information, please point your browser to: FuturesTrader71’s Page (No, I don’t get kickbacks for promoting IRT. I just support their superior product and service because it works)

Questions for this webinar should be directed to our contact page

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