My Charts

This page is my attempt to share my charts while maintaining a single location to deposit all chart-related information.  Click on the General Information button below to get general setup information and links to where you can get started with these charts.

Charts & Equipment Set Up


I am using Investor/RT (IRT) charts.

You can obtain IRT charts here: Investor/RT

I am using Investor/RT with Market Profile Professional Edition. The difference between Professional and Standard is the ability in Professional to use the Volume Breakdown Indicator (cumulative delta) and to create custom indicators and signals using the RTL language. Regardless of what version you start with, you can always upgrade or downgrade instantly from within the software. Remember to keep things as simple as possible.

I am using DTN IQFeed as a data provider. You can enable whichever exchanges you need data for “a la carte”.

You can obtain IQFeed here:

If you intend to run your charts using your broker’s data feed, then I suggest that you subscribe to DTNMA and schedule IRT to refresh the current day periodically to make sure your charts are current and accurate. Broker feeds are NOT designed to feed charts even though they are capable of doing so.


Getting Started

To get started with IRT, please visit: Linnsoft and pay attention to the videos in the KEY RESOURCES box.



I have always kept my charts on a separate computer from my trading platform. I understand some of you are not able to do that due to budget constraints or the fact that you get your data from your broker. Since it is hard to keep this page up to date, I have decided that it would be best to refer you to the page that contains the equipment that I’m currently running or recommend:




To use these definitions, you can click on the button and then press CTRL+A to select all of the text and then press CTRL+C to copy it. In IRT or MD, go to the menu on the main window and click on File – Open – Definition or Press ALT+2. Follow the prompts and you will have this chart on your system just the way I have it assuming you have the data needed to create them

For the most up-to-date definitions:

To Get the Proper Overnight and other data on products that have a Quoteboard Chart, the QuoteBoard Chart must remain open in the background at all times for those products!

For example, you must have this definition for the QuoteBoard chart downloaded and open in the background for the overnight levels and other indicators to work properly on the ES Intraday charts. You can import the QuoteBoard chart and then minimize it.