May 1st Ask A Question Webinar for Stage 5 open to Public

May 1st Ask A Question Webinar for Stage 5 open to Public

AAQ Webinars are held every Friday for Stage 5 Trading members. They became members by joining this unique brokerage; which focuses on a sound approach to trader management and development. Periodically, these AAQ sessions are open to the public. This is one of them. We believe you will find value in it.

During AAQs, S5 members have a chance to ask any questions about trading or the markets that they can conceive of. Many times, traders step up and have their performance looked at. Sometimes, we go through a contextual read and walk through a random product on a random day and on the hard right edge to see how the trades would have played out. During this AAQ, we went over a walk through of what trades the NQ yielded that morning. We put our premarket prep, bias formation, market generated information and the current patterns into play to go over trades available to take that Friday morning.

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