Live launch appearance on

Live launch appearance on

It has been a whirlwind period now over the last couple of years. It started out with the decision and goal of delivering my experience as a prop shop operator to all serious and committed traders worldwide. This is why I have been immersed in the creation of an innovative new futures brokerage called Edge Clear Corp (S5) with my partner and close friend Anthony Giacomin. S5 is now in full production and it is time to refocus my attention on the quality of content that I feel is necessary to help keep traders focused on what I think is important.

This is where my partnership with comes into play. FinancialJuice (FJ) is the brain-child of another friend and innovator, Aamar, with whom I have worked on other projects such as, and other trader-centric tools.

FinancialJuice will be hosting me live tomorrow, Tuesday, August 27th, at 1 PM CT / 2PM ET. We will talk about trading in general and will take questions. Membership to the site is FREE and I urge you to sign on to what could be the future online hub of all things trading-related. 

[Edited 8/27/13 @ 4 PM CT]

The event has already taken place. See the recording here:

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