Journals, DOM and Entries

Journals, DOM and Entries

Questions from Twitter followers prompted an open discussion of Journals, DOM reading and entries. The session took place without prior appointment and was recorded for your benefit.

For a copy of the document I typed out during this chat, please point your browser to:

  • tao
    Posted at 04:56h, 24 October Reply

    Thanks FT71 for all you do.

    It is beginning to click that the market truly is an auction that is just trying to involve the most participants. I had been taught by several "master daytraders" that it is an arena that manipulated by machines that can move it as far as they want in an direction at any time for the purpose of causing the most pain possible. This conceptual view fed my inner monkey with steroids. This made it extremely difficult to hold to a decent target, etc.

    "Making the turn" seemed impossible and I can see how highly improbable it was.

    Ironically, understanding that the market is random helps quiet my inner monkey and allows me to focus on trade management more clearly.

    Thanks again for the generous education you provide.


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