February 8th Chat: Anger and Emotions in Trading (Chat)

February 8th Chat: Anger and Emotions in Trading (Chat)

I get asked often about the question: “How is it that you don’t get angry at all of the questions? At those who want to criticize or those who question you? How do you trade the unit size you do without getting emotional?”

This chat session recording near the end of day attempts to address one or two aspects of the answer:

  • justatrader
    Posted at 12:10h, 11 February Reply

    HI FT, Some of these chats are real gold dust. Would it be possible to have the key psychological ones such as as an MP3 download ? Allowing people to mould the plasticity of their brains away from the screen?

    If not, no problem.

    The more I listen the more humble I become….

    I can recommend Candide as a philosophical trading read.


  • AC
    Posted at 15:24h, 12 April Reply

    Thank you so much for this…

  • AC
    Posted at 13:24h, 06 September Reply

    The “secret”, if there is one… is found in the simplicity of saying:

    “I choose…”

    That choice is our freedom, and it is one that can never be taken from us. So why do we so often forget our greatest strength?

    There is also a great insight to be found in the correlation between one’s expectations of how reality “should,” or “must” unfold… and the reality of how it actually plays out.

    Hold on too tight to what you want to see, and inevitably, one finds disappointment. The more you want, the more you feel pain. The more pain, the more angry and frustrated one becomes.

    Trading has always been a results driven endeavor for me. I took great sacrifices to do this professionally, as everyone does in one way or another. Inherent in that process is having lofty dreams and goals, and the highest of expectations.

    This state of mind, while somewhat of a necessity, also poses significant risks to ones “Emo Capital”.

    It seems so clear to me after listening to you, why we struggle so hard at success in trading… we expect to much of ourselves. The energy stored in that discrepancy between dream and reality is what makes or breaks all traders.

    Only those who can accept and manage their emotions and who “choose” their response to situations out of our control survive.

    So much wisdom and experience revealed in 18 minutes…

    Thanks again,

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