Video: Bookmap Pro-Trader Webinar revealing Theoretical Average Indicator

Video: Bookmap Pro-Trader Webinar revealing Theoretical Average Indicator

A visual representation of risk is a key way for me to manage a position using size. The Theoretical Average Indicator makes this possible. - FuturesTrader71

Bookmap Professional Trader Webinar Series Recording

I was graciously invited to speak on February 14th during Bookmap’s Professional Trader Webinar Series as one of the professional traders who use order flow and depth analysis as an integral part to executing trades. During this session, I reveal how I’m using the Theoretical Average (explained in the video) to manage the risk in an open and developing trade. The Theoretical Average Indicator (TAI) is a proprietary add-on that Stage 5 Trading developed for the S5 Bookmap and is an exclusive offering.

In addition to the TAI, I also introduce and show how I’m using Cumulative Volume Delta (CVD) to detect dissonance in how aggressive all participants are versus those who trade a larger unit size.

In the panel on the right, you will find information on all tools shown in the video and below I’m providing a sample of the table used to determine the CVD filter size used.

I strongly believe that this can be incorporated into your overall plan and will, hopefully, improve how you see order flow at the point where you are engaging with the market while executing a trade.


During the video, I mention that the Theo Average Indicator is available to all who convert to S5 BookMap. In fact, here are the scenarios to acquire it:

  • if you have a native Bookmap subscription, then you must request to switch it to the S5 Bookmap version to obtain this indicator and all of the upcoming enhancements to it
  • if you already have an S5 BookMap branded version, then you should have access to the Indicator if you update to Version 5.0.0 b407 or higher
  • if you are considering getting Bookmap, then I would suggest you get the S5 BookMap version here so that you can get all indicators developed for and by Stage 5 Trading

CVD Trade Filter Size

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