Convergence Event: Automated Trading

Convergence Event: Automated Trading

Automated Trading – What does it take?

During this Convergence Event, we focused on the topic of Automated Trading. We spoke with Adam and Chris. They are experienced professional traders who went through the process of creating a fully automated system and have built a fund around it.

What was discussed:

  • We got a brief background on Adam and Chris and their trading history
  • We learned about what brought them to where they are now
  • We went over their strategy and how it was created; obstacles encountered and how they dealt with them and many more questions
  • Stage 5 Trading share the launch of the Red Ivy Alchemy ES auto-trading strategy
  • Discussed what viewers should know about Automated Trading before creating a strategy or participating in one
  • We discussed what a robust automated trading strategy might look like and how to know that it is in fact robust
  • We went over the expectations and challenges of those are involved with automated trading
  • We also got opinions regarding the pitfalls that they have encountered through the process
  • Adam and Chris took some questions from viewers

Items shown during this broadcast:


Sponsoring partner:

Stage 5 Trading Corp.


Adam Rowbotham-Red Ivy
Adam Rowbotham - Red Ivy
Chris Hargarten-Red Ivy
Chris Hargarten - Red Ivy
  • lsandersj
    Posted at 16:01h, 18 June Reply

    Fantastic webinar. As an individual trader struggling with developing his own strategies this was a very informative. Thanks.

    • Futures Trader71
      Posted at 21:17h, 19 June Reply

      Thank you! We are really happy that you found it useful. We were definitely delighted to have systems experts come on and honestly share their experience. Definitely an eye-opener for us.

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