About Me


First and foremost, I’m a trader. This site was created as a result of a need to centralize the knowledge I have been sharing publicly about trading. I recognize that there is a real need for no-nonsense trading information that is applicable to the market; rather than theory or diversions. I have found that when you help others, you in turn help yourself. I’ve always said, “Give what you want more of.” That has held true with this site.


I created this website for a few reasons:


  • I wanted to give voice to different perspectives on the market and what we do as traders. This is a clearing house of views, so to speak.
  • I also wanted to give good resources to online traders. This is information that should be made public.
  • Finally, I use this site like a journal. I can look back and see how I’ve grown and do things differently than how I once did. We are all growing and adapting. This is my chance to look back and review.



  • Full Time Professional Trader – First and foremost. All other things come next.
  • Former owner/operator of a proprietary (prop) futures trading firm.
  • Clearing through a Futures Clearing Merchant who mainly handles large volume professional traders.
  • Member of the CME. Licensed Trader designation on Eurex.
  • Proprietary Trader – Training mainly received through proprietary trading with other professionals at the CBOT using trial-by-fire and trial-and-error.
  • No Formal Training – Endless hours spent watching the market and testing indicators, approaches and strategies.
  • Trader Trainer -Was in charge of training other traders (including floor traders, new traders and everything in between).
  • Nothing Works – Without the right approach and state of mind
  • 7 Months to Profitability – Deliberate practice and sheer agony (I don’t like to lose). I know what it is like to struggle to achieve trading goals.
  • Simplicity In Trading – this is my motto for trading. While others complicate it and try to be sophisticated, trading is a simple endeavor at its core. It reflects the perceived value at any given moment.
  • Comprehensive and different – I can do this in a way that would put the traders first and then my business will thrive as a result. It has been an amazing experience.
  • Straight Talk – I don’t want to recruit, sell or do anything other than to trade and continue to manage my business.
  • Karma, Legacy and the Flow of Prosperity – as soon as one starts to think that there isn’t enough and others have to lose in order for one to win, then the flow of abundance stops. “Give what you would like more of” – hence, my involvement with the online trading community and my drive to build tools and services that are focused on traders. If I can move on from trading but still leave a legacy of helping others and sharing, then I would have succeeded no matter the outcome.
  • Unsolicited Visitors and Attention – a bit like Phantom of the Pits. I prefer that traders focus on what I am trying to share rather than who I am and what I have or have not.
  • It Is In The Information – The best analogy I use for trading is race car driving. You can jump into Ayrton Senna’s car (deceased legendary Formula 1 racer) and use his exact seat adjustment, mirror positions, helmet and everything else. The results will not be the same even if Ayrton talked you through it all. You have to make it your own. You have to come with the right attitude. If it makes sense, then who cares who I am?
  • An Army of Mimes – People tend to look for someone with answers and then try to mimic what he/she does. I don’t want to be mimicked. I just want readers to consider what I’m saying and tweak it for themselves.

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Thank you for helping us out!

With that being said, the views here are either going to strike a cord with you and you will “know” that they are accurate or they will seem like nonsense. If it is the latter, then you are welcome to move on and find fulfillment of your search elsewhere.