A Webinar to the LBR Group: Volume Profiling

On Tuesday, May 4th, 2010, I did a 1-hour webinar to Linda Raschke’s trading group. We had been speaking about doing this for a couple of months and I finally got around to it this week. The topic was a very high level look at Volume Profiling and my approach to the market. Most of you already know what this is all about, but I felt it necessary to make the video available to any follower who wants to have a look.

  • Ryan Cho
    Posted at 08:40h, 08 May Reply

    First of all, thank you for all your generous efforts to educate us. I do have some questions, and I hope it is not something that has repeatedly asked before. Here I go,

    1) You only scale in when you can improve your average. How do you determine the real Stop Loss level before entering, and what levels are accepted to scale in?
    2)Statistically, would it be more profitable to trade to the direction where the market is going towards the LVA (and hold on to it if it s likely to breakout and slips through to the next VPOC), or wait for it to get rejected and enter as the market journey backs to the VPOC.
    3)If you are entering trades based on the expectation that the market will be rejected at the LVA and head back to its value zone, that is a trend-reversal trade, would it be more riskier approach as it is against the trend which takes more pressure to turn back to your direction.
    4)When you enter, you said you look at the DOM. What do you look for as a final signal in the DOM?
    5)When you determine your area of business for that day, how different is your strategies when the market is at LVA or HVA from the composite, and opened or currently trading at VPOC or away from VPOC? Can you provide some of your typical scenario and planning as an example?
    6)In your webinar, you mentioned 'market rotation back to the level…'. How do you trade this 'Rotation'?
    I appreciate your response in advance.


  • Toad
    Posted at 13:13h, 08 May Reply

    Just watched this. You are so generous to post this for free. Worth it's weight in gold!

    many thanks!

    Todd W

  • Daniel S
    Posted at 10:10h, 10 May Reply

    Hi futures 71 ,is there a way to donwload the webminar for better understanding like your past webminars in wma format,that is important

    thanks a lot for your help


  • Daniel S
    Posted at 06:51h, 16 May Reply

    hi futures 71, where can i find the chat archive?


  • steve
    Posted at 20:12h, 16 May Reply

    Thanks again FT! I think this was a great session. Thank you for making the slides available.

  • cal_trader
    Posted at 19:20h, 20 May Reply

    Great summary of alot of what is covered in your blog. Thanks for putting this together and sharing!

  • Jodie
    Posted at 12:18h, 24 May Reply

    Hi thanks so much for all you do on twitter and blog!Helps me so much. will the webinar tomorrow be recorded and posted in the future? I've been waiting for it but have work schedule so can't attend.
    Thanks again!

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