10-01-2015 Open Ask A Question Webinar Session @ 12 PM CT/ 1 PM Eastern

10-01-2015 Open Ask A Question Webinar Session @ 12 PM CT/ 1 PM Eastern

AAQ Webinars are held every Thursday for Edge Clear members and are hosted by FuturesTrader71. Periodically, these AAQ sessions are open to the public. This is one of them. We believe you will find value in it.

We address many questions today and go over a statistical study near the end.

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The following are the questions covered in the video:
1. Alex: ****MIC**** – “What role does the time factor play on VPOC shifts on multi-pronged profiles ?“
2. Anthony: ****MIC****- Looking for guidance on structuring limits and targets of a specific setup/trade he took.
3. Robert: ****sent in**** – “Would SPY be superior to the M6E for a beginner and does volume profile work on this product ?´´
4. AI: ****sent int**** – “How do you define your hypos and choose your targets in terms of CLVN/CHVN/VPOCs ?´´
5. John: ****sent in**** – “Is it appropriate to treat mean reversion with an asymmetrical approach – do long and short trades differ from each other ? ´´
6. Christian: ****sent in**** – Asks why Morad uses a 15 minute chart in particular.
7. Steve: **** sent in**** – “Whats the easiest way to see volume per tick throughout the day ?´´
8. Ali: ****sent in****- “How do you identify when trend is changing?´´ / “ Is IRT available to S5 clients ?´´
9. Charles: ****sent in**** – Asks Morad about the returns that prop traders generate and if his original assumption about them is correct.
10. Nikki: ****sent in**** – Asks Morad about the specifics of the trader development program and how to answer the homework questions of volume profiling&auction market theory.
11. Joshua: **** sent in**** – “How do you determine if the auction is complete to one side?´´
12. David: **** sent in**** – Asks Morad about how to overcome mental barriers and expectations in his trading.
13. Brian: ****sent in **** – Asking Morad if he should be more conservative in his execution scheme.
14. William: ****sent in**** – “Whats your thought on day trading vs. swing or position trading?´´
15. Erinn: ****sent in**** – “Whats your opinion about spread traders and are they more profitable than outright traders ?´´
16. Janice: ****sent in**** – “Why does the market gravitate towards size ? ´´
17. Camila: ***sent in**** – Asks Morad about how to size positions since she just transitioned to live trading.
18. Rob: ****sent in**** – “What are your triggering parameters ? ´´
19. Roger: ****sent in**** – “How much attention do you pay to the o/n session ? ´´
20. Jeff: **** sent in**** – Is asking for advice on trade entry.
21. Gaurav: ****sent in**** – “How do you use volume profiling for swing trading ?´´
22. Jaques:**** sent in**** – Is asking how to identify which type of participant is in control.
23. George:****sent in**** – Wants to know how much capital somebody should have for each lot size.
24. Mark: ****sent in**** – Wants to know how to treat range bound markets.
25. Dan:****sent in**** – Is asking Morad on how to identify a balanced day.

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